Front cover

With sincere thanks to
Simon Mitchener
for the cover artwork.

The Suspects


You're 14-15, the summer holidays stretch before you but your family can't afford to go anywhere.

You and five mates decide on a visit to a very large, very private and very overgrown estate where you find a perfect place for an illicit camp. And manage to bend truths enough to persuade parents to let you go.

Two days later you meet a dog, whose owner proceeds to evict you.

Circumstances in your home town mean you have to make sure you're not seen around. So you have to return to the estate - and lay low there too.

But then the dog finds you. His owner needs help. The six of you save his life, then discover his secrets. But the adult gang you're trying to avoid track you down one night.

From these beginnings start a series of Interesting Times where you discover hidden strengths, abilities, friendships, self reliance, dependability and perhaps wisdom.

Just don't mention truffles.

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