I’ve lumbered myself, but in a good way.

Some months ago I joined the local Facebook Authors’ group. Soon after that I was asked if I’d like to come to Seaford’s Lit Fest 2019. In the interst of selling books, I agreed.

Then the crunch: “Can you talk about them a bit?” Gulp. “Well…”
It seems I’m at the Crypt Gallery, Church Steet, Seaford at 11.00 am on Sun 17 Feb 2019.

The Festival itself, featuring local authors and poets – and some music -runs from Friday evening to Sunday evening.

I’m selling books all the time (I hope). What I’d really like is some friendly faces at 11.00 on Sunday 17th Feb when I’ve been asked to talk – for three-quarters of an hour(!). You don’t have to stay all the time; you don’t even have to listen all the time. You could curl up in a corner and read Loft Island. I’ll carry on regardless, talking about what influenced the books and me, reading excerpts and then, finally, taking questions. Another gulp.

I’m told this is the second year of running the Lit Fest. The first year must have been encouraging and successful otherwise it wouldn’t have been repeated.

Yes, I can handle heckling. From friends. Entry and a free sheet of heckling hints (Not really): £5.

Access The Crypt from the convenient Church Street pay car park, or…

…from Church Street which is, believe it or not, down past St Leonard’s Church.

If in doubt, ask anyone. We’re a friendly lot in Seaford. Even authors.