Starting a blog is either the height of vanity or a useful strategy drawing attention to something.

The latter is my excuse. Self-publishing is comparatively easy; publicising the books is a pain. Starting a Facebook page for each book helps. The many advertising posts on my own Facebook page have threatened to annoy my Flock…

I’d better explain that title, along with the heading. Our impending retirement from Hurstpierpoint College was announced and the immediate question was “What are you going to do with all that spare time?”

We had a house to gut, remodel, redecorate, shelve and simultaneously inhabit. We both have hobbies. I gritted my teeth and just answered: “Plenty!”

“Let us know how it’s all going,” they said.

I gave an inscrutable smile. “I will…”

My daily summary of work both DiY and professional, peppered with sillinesses and other ‘hooks’ to maintain interest, drew quite a few followers. Tongue in cheek I termed the followers my flock. To a flock one doesn’t write, one bleats. So there you are.

I try to keep the humbug to a minimum, however. You might need to think about that one.

Fortunately the house-fettling is over except that we’re five years down the line and redecoration is becoming a vision on the horizon. On the plus side I’ve published two books (he said, cunningly reintroducing the main subject). It’s to keep some sort of focus on them and on the books I’m working on that this was started, mainly at the suggestion of Patrick A Goff, to whom my thanks.