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Loft Island

A story of tragedy, resilience, friendship and emotions. Loft Island is set on the Salcombe Estuary in the 1950's, that near-forgotten time between the war and the swinging '60s.

Rescued after her parents and brother are swept away by a flood, Mary comes to live with the father and his 13 year old son who saved her. The land they farmed is now an island. They have to face getting help with the aftermath of the flood, the inquest, the funerals, and with the practical side of life. They encounter a variety of attitudes from authorities, typical of the times, as well as help from existing friends and from others who become friends - and more.

The existing friendship between the children develops slowly, innocently, with neither girl nor boy realising. Gradually their life becomes more stable, only to be ripped apart again.

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The Suspects front cover  

The Suspects

A lighthearted story with spikes. Aimed at anyone of 13 or over, it may be more likely to appeal to the 14 - 30 age range although any one who read or reads children's literature will be at one with it.

Faced with little to do over the summer, six mid-teen mates camp illegally. Evicted back to their home town, they soon find they have to return to camp to keep out of the way. But just being at camp becomes a minor part of that summer and the next; they encounter many Interesting Times.

A dog, a Dutch recluse, a town gang of adults, parents, maps and a hospital all play their part. There are brambles, nettles, blackthorns, wild swimming, self-sufficiency, fires, friendships and of course the dog. And those truffles…

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