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Bishopstone Tide Mills, 1963. A fully built, working mill with its cottages occupied. A family, intrigued by its possibilites, persuades a large London mill to take over the failing business and revitalise it.

A fifty year old story of lost love, a subsequent loveless marriage and child cruelty brings a retired Captain back to confront his past and discover a future.

Friendships amongst adults and youngsters develop. A girl undergoes surgery and endures a long recovery, introducing a suprising new friend.

Sussex places, customs and history play their part, entertaining young and old – and the reader!

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Loft Island, front cover

1953: the Salcombe Estuary in South Devon as you’ve never known it.

Rescued after her parents and brother are swept away by a flood, Mary comes to live with the father and his 13 year old son who saved her. The land they farmed is now an island.

They face the attitudes of the time, they face funerals, inquest and no money – and then Mary vanishes.

This is her story, their story.

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The Suspects, front cover

You’re 14-15, the summer holidays stretch before you but your family can’t afford to go anywhere.  You and five mates decide on a visit to a very large, very private and very overgrown estate where you find a perfect place for an illicit camp.  Two days later you meet a dog, whose owner chucks you out.

Then something happens and you all have to leave home.  So you return to the estate – and lay low there too.

But then the dog finds you.  His owner needs help and you save his life, and discover his secrets.  But the adult gang you’re trying to avoid track you down one night. It’s the start of Interesting Times where you discover hidden strengths, abilities, friendships, self reliance, dependability and perhaps wisdom. 

Just don’t mention truffles. 

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